Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital billboards?

Digital billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays used to display digital images, videos and animations. The main advantage that digital signage provide, over traditional signs, is the ability to update the content easily in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner by eliminating print costs. Effective communication is another key benefit of digital signage. These unique capabilities enable digital signs to flourish in areas where traditional static signage have faltered, allowing them to be incorporated into virtually any environment.

Examples of digital signs include digital menu boards in restaurants, electronic information displays in corporate lobbies, and information panels often used for notice/announcements boards in schools.

How can I use digital billboards?

Today, digital signage is being used for a variety of uses such as increasing brand awareness, advertising, marketing, communications, social engagement and wayfinding. Aside from attracting attention, digital signage give organisations the ability to create content that is timely, accurate and attractive.

Menu boards Digital menu boards are popping up everywhere you look. They are an engaging communication tool that can be used to boost sales and improve the customer loyalty. Taking advantage of videos and animated gifs, restaurants are able to to show off a more realistic expectation of what your food looks like. Easily and quickly edit your prices, item descriptions, advertise local specials or offers.

Trade shows Many trade show booths use static pop up displays, retractable banners stands and backdrops to distribute their message. Digital signage can help you elevate your booth, help you capture the attention of attendees, and provide visitors the chance to see your product or service in action.

What are the benefits of digital billboards?

Advertising Compared to traditional print signage, it's far less expensive to create and roll out new ads on digital screens, allowing you to create more targeted and localized marketing campaigns. For example, displaying ads for breakfast items during breakfast hours in a restaurant. Promoting holiday specials leading up to an upcoming holiday.

Brand building In-store digital signage can be used as a medium to promote brand awareness and build brand identity. Digital signage is a powerful tool to communicate brand messages effectively in a convenient manner.

Enhancing customer experience Digital signage technology can drastically change and improve the way advertisers can interact and communicate with their customers to influence customer engagement and improve their overall experiences. By providing additional information directly to customers via digital signage, stores can generate additional sales revenue, advertise loyalty programs and display testimonials.

Corporate communications Electronic message boards help you communicate with your team effectively using spectacular visual messages. This is perfect for displaying messages from management, announcing upcoming events and special occasions, and for raising safety awareness. Engaged and informed employees are known to perform better, feel valued, and work harder.

Lobby communications Create an exceptional first impression for guests, customers and employees by displaying welcoming messages using digital signs in lobbies and on storefronts.

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